Dreamfolks Shares Jump 7%


DreamFolks Services (DFS) experienced a noteworthy surge of over 7 percent in its share value on February 28, capturing the attention of investors.

Currently trading at Rs 507.60, the stock exhibited a 5 percent increase and reached Rs 518.20 during intraday trading.

The catalyst for this upswing can be attributed to Motilal Oswal, a prominent domestic brokerage firm, initiating coverage on the stock and bestowing it with a Buy rating.

Consequently, investor enthusiasm was sparked, leading to heightened market activity. The market capitalization of DreamFolks Services stands at a substantial Rs 2,687 crore.

Motilal Oswal has outlined an optimistic target price of Rs 650 for DreamFolks shares, indicating a potential rally of 28 percent from the current levels.

The brokerage report sheds light on the company’s impressive market dominance, citing that DFS commands over 75 percent volume market share in domestic airport lounges.

Notably, it is the sole player boasting 100 percent coverage of airport lounges. The report emphasizes DFS’s role as a preferred partner for banks aiming to provide complimentary lounge access alongside paid airport services, highlighting its profitable and asset-light business model.

The brokerage further underscores the growth prospects within the domestic aviation and airline industry, fueled by the continuous rise in air travel.

With DFS positioned as a pivotal player in this sector, the report indicates a favorable landscape for the company’s expansion and success.

Despite the recent surge, the performance of DreamFolks Services shares has seen fluctuations in the past months.

Over the last month, the shares experienced an 8 percent decline, while the performance over the last 6 months remained relatively flat.

Looking back over the past year, the stock has delivered a modest return of 16 percent.

It’s worth noting that the current trading price is approximately 40 percent lower than the 52-week high of Rs 846.75, further contextualizing the stock’s recent movements.

In conclusion, DreamFolks Services has attracted investor attention and witnessed a positive trajectory in its share value, propelled by Motilal Oswal’s favorable coverage and Buy rating.

The brokerage’s optimistic target price reflects confidence in the company’s potential for growth within the dynamic aviation industry.

However, the stock’s recent performance, including a decline over the last month, indicates that it continues to navigate challenges despite its promising outlook.



Dreamfolks Share Price Jump 7%, Brokerage Bullish, Check Target Price