Adani Group Will Invest ₹75,000 Crore in Madhya Pradesh


In a major boost to Madhya Pradesh’s economic landscape, the Adani Group has unveiled plans to invest a staggering Rs 75,000 crore across diverse sectors in the state.

This momentous announcement was made by Pranab Adani, the Managing Director (Agriculture, Oil & Gas) and Director of Adani Enterprises, during a regional industry conclave held in Ujjain.

Emphasizing the Group’s commitment to the state’s growth, Adani disclosed that an impressive Rs 18,000 crore had already been injected by the conglomerate in various projects within Madhya Pradesh.

The ambitious investment strategy encompasses key sectors such as power generation, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

Notably, a substantial chunk of Rs 5,000 crore is earmarked for the construction of the Mahakal Expressway, linking Ujjain to Bhopal via Indore.

This strategic transportation project is poised to enhance connectivity and facilitate efficient movement between major cities.

Furthermore, Adani Group’s foray into the cement industry includes a Rs 5,000 crore investment for establishing a clinker unit at Choragadi, along with two cement grinding units at Dewas and Bhopal.

This move aligns with the Group’s diversified portfolio, extending from roads, cement, and natural resources to thermal power, renewable energy, and power transmission in Madhya Pradesh.

Pranab Adani expressed confidence in the visionary leadership of Chief Minister Mohan Yadav, affirming the Group’s commitment to investing in the state.

However, no specific timeline for the investment was provided during the announcement.

Beyond the realm of infrastructure, Adani Group will channel investments into crucial sectors like food processing, logistics, agri-logistics, fuel delivery, and defense manufacturing.

A substantial Rs 30,000 crore will be allocated to expand the power generation capacity of the Mahan Energen plant in Singrauli from the existing 1,200 MW to an impressive 4,400 MW.

Additionally, the Group plans to invest around Rs 28,000 crore in pumped storage projects, adding 3,410 MW capacity to the state’s hydropower infrastructure.

The comprehensive investment package is projected to generate over 15,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities, fostering industrial growth and contributing significantly to Madhya Pradesh’s economic development.

Adani Group’s commitment to this substantial investment reaffirms its dedication to partnering in the progress of the state and underscores the potential for transformative change across various sectors.


Adani Group Announces Rs 75,000 Crore Investment in Madhya Pradesh